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Welcome to TWST4Girls!

TWST4Girls (TWST) is a Houston based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves girls ages 11-17, in underserved communities, juvenile correctional facilities, schools, and community centers. We deliver life skills development programs, match our girls with dedicated mentors, provide monthly exposure to career options, as well as, intellectual and cultural experiences all at no cost to the youth that we serve! Youth graduate TWST’s Programs as well-rounded young women who are purposeful, self-sufficient and equipped with the tools needed to excel in life.

For many children, there is untapped potential for success due to the lack of exposure and resources. It is TWST4Girls’ mission to ensure that no child grows up without the keys for success. TWST’s purpose is to ensure that as TWST Kids apply the knowledge and skills acquired in our programs, they will make positive impacts on our communities and ultimately the world in which we live

TWST4Girls offers five distinct programs to our participants and the community:

Core Program (Ages 11-17)
1:1 mentorship

  • Each girl is matched with a female professional who provides her the support, structure, and dedicated attention she needs.
  • Life skills development

  • To help the girls gain the concrete skills they need to succeed in life, we provide practical training to help them develop communication skills, etiquette, intelligence, wellness, financial literacy, and more.
  • In addition to helping the girls with the technical aspects of life, we focus on skills that will motivate and enable them to succeed at a more personal level, including building their character, perseverance, leadership skills, focus, and growth mindset.
  • Intellectual and cultural experiences

  • To show the girls the wide range of possibilities in the world and within themselves, we provide experiences to expand their horizons, including museum visits, camping, performing/visual arts experiences, community service, conservation education, STEM programs, and more.
  • Enrichment Program (Ages 8-17)

    • Community Services
      • Available to elementary, intermediate, high schools and community centers as an after school program
    • Weekly Class
      • Sessions are held once weekly for 10 weeks
    • Trained Female Facilitator
      • TWST interviews, background checks, and trains female professionals to deliver TWST4Girls Enrichment Program Curriculum
    • Life Skills Development
      • Goal Setting, Self Discovery, Confidence Building, Social Graces, Effective Communication, Dining Etiquette, and Financial Literacy

    Juvenile Corrections Enrichment Program

    • Available to Juvenile Correctional Facilities and Detention Centers
    • Weekly Class
      • Sessions are held once weekly for 10 weeks
    • Trained Female Facilitator
      • TWST interviews, background checks, and trains female professionals to deliver TWST4Girls Enrichment Program Curriculum
    • Life Skills Development
      • Goal Setting, Self Discovery, Confidence Building, Social Graces, Effective Communication, Etiquette, Financial Literacy
    • 1 on 1 Mentorship
      • Each TWST Kid in Corrections is Matched with a Female Professional who Commits to a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Visit of her Mentee

    TWST4Girls Scholarship Program
    TWST Girls nearing high school graduation opt in to our one of a kind scholarship program that focuses on the following:

    College Visit, SAT/ACT Test Prep, Major Investigation, Recommendation Letters, Resume & Interview assistance, College Life Girl Talk, Self Defense, Sex Education, Healthy Lifestyle education, Service Hours, Service Learning Project Development, Financial Literacy Scholarship Applications, Rites of Passage

    Graduates of this Scholarship program receive a grant from TWST4Girls or one of our generous Sponsors!

    Mentor Continued Education Program

    TWST4Girls provides our initial mentor orientation to all TWST Mentors in order to prepare them for their impactful service as a mentor. As an added bonus, and an effort to strengthen the capabilities of our mentors, TWST offers the Mentor Continued Education program to all of our active mentors! So regardless if you’re a beginning mentor or a seasoned one, TWST fine tunes your mentorship skills and knowledge through our Mentor Continued Education Program

    Parent Enrichment Program

    TWST4Girls understands the importance of the caregivers’ role in the success of the child. Therefore, in partnerships with Save the Children and The Women’s Council of NAREB, TWST4Girls now offers Parent Enrichment Programs covering:

    Psychological first aid
    Effective disciplining strategies
    Coping with trauma
    TWST4Girls’ Parent Partners Program
    Financial literacy
    Estate Planning
    Credit education
    Home buying education and more

    Brea’s Testimonial

    The life-skills events offered monthly not only enrich the lives of the kids but the mentor’s lives as well. I am truly grateful to be a part of an organization that contributes something good to society, uplifts the youth in our community, and gives my life a sense of meaning and purpose.

    Brea Larae
    TWST Mentor

    Miss Greer’s Testimonial

    I really love the impression this program gives my girls.

    Miss Greer
    TWST Parent

    Danielle’s Testimonial

    The mentor that TWST matched up with my daughter is in college and she provides information that is helpful with college selection and application.

    Danielle B.
    TWST Parent

    Taylor’s Testimonial

    From the day I began working with TWST (Together We Stand Tall) I immediately recognized that I was a part of something bigger than simply a mentoring organization. I was a part of an exceptional and life changing service organization with the sole purpose of ensuring our TWST girls have vision and achieve greatness.

    Taylor N.
    TWST Mentor

    Harris County Precinct 1’s Testimonial

    Their work with our girls is having a profound effect. The behavior is better. The girls are much more aware of self-image. Their etiquette has improved. And we have observed the girls being more self-sufficient. We have nothing but good things to say about the excellent work of TWST4Girls.

    Harris County Precinct 1
    Lincoln Park Community Center

    Michael’s Testimonial

    I feel that this program will give them opportunities and an advantage over other girls their age, and make them more prepared as they move into adult life.

    Michael P.
    TWST Parent

    Raula’s Testimonial

    The mission and vision of TWST4Girls mirrors my beliefs and goals for young Black girls. TWST4Girls has already allowed me to be part of a support system or village for our girls. It has given me such a sense of purpose and look forward to helping our girls thrive. My heart is full!

    Raula R.
    TWST Mentor

    Lillie’s Testimonial

    My name is Lillie. My daughter name is Paige. In March 2018 I had the pleasure to be in the presence of TWST4Girls group at the Houston livestock rodeo field trip. It was 5star for a large group of kids. Very impressive. Mentors are great with a capital G

    Lillie W.
    TWST Parent

    Amber’s Testimonial

    Since joining TWST, she has experienced so many different activities and opportunities that I would not have even thought of and for that I am grateful.

    Amber J.
    TWST Parent

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